Its been awhile

Ok I have been meaning to post but I just haven’t been in the mood. Sorry. I had my laparoscopic scan done on tuesday and I am still a little tired and sore from the procedure. I am supposed to hear from doctor today about results so here’s hoping she found something. My side and lower right groin area still hurt though. I want to call now but figured I should give the doctor a chance to call me.  Other then that, not much new.  I have a ton of school reading I need to get done and no time to knit, spin or crochet right now, which sucks cause that is what I want to do.

I did get a lovely new book from the lovely Amy from Knitty.  It is the French Girl Knits book and it is lovely. I did a review for it in the new Knitty so go check it out. Lots of lovely patterns in the new issue and lots of neat books and goodies in the review section. I am also intrigued by the KnittySpin section that talks about spinning coffee filters, but I am not that insane.

Damn my side is really hurting now.  I so hope the doctor has some good news. If they haven’t found anything on the bone scan or from this scan then the next course of action is the MRI which isn’t happening until May because they are all booked. Which sucks.  I think I need another Tylenol 3 and some ice cream. I have wanted ice cream for days. They put a tube down your throat to help you breath and since I have had a sore throat and a cough already it only made it worse, and my throat is all sore and scratchy still. Maybe I will walk to the seven elven and get me some ice cream.

Ok right Phat Fiber blog has another contest. There are contests all week every day a new one, and the draw ill be tomorrow so go enter for  your chance to win. I won last time and maybe I’ll win again. I could use some more good mail. I know I haven’t posted my Feb box yet or my winnings, but honestly I haven’t done much other then sit on my couch for days.   Maybe if I feel  up to it later I might try and take some photos of stuff. Cheers everyone and happy March.

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More Contests at Phat Fiber

Psst… there are lots of new giveaways happening at the Phat Fiber blog

Check them out and also the amazing vendors, so much fiber so little time. A real post to follow….

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Another Contest Link

Hey everyone, Phatfiber has another give away on her blog,  this time for mohair fiber, and who wouldn’t want that. All you have to do is pick a name for the absolutely adorable little angora goat that is pictured and you can win fiber. The link to the info is here.

I was going to write something today, but honestly I have a ton of school work and I have just been feeling down and overwhealmed by everything lately, so it would probably be another depressed rant. So much pain these past two weeks and a cold on top of everything else. I am so hopping that they when they do the scope in two weeks that find something.

So go check out Phatfiberblogspot and enter the contests. She has a lot of contests each week and hey I alreay won one, and I am one of the unluckiest people ever.  Also I mangaged to order a February box, after a stupid mishap on etsy stole my first one I was able to order one and get it put through in the evening stage of the box sales.  So watch for a post when I get it. I just need to figure out how to use my webcam on my laptop and  I can post a movie of me opening the box. Can you tell how excited I am, I really need something to cheer me up right now, and  I am really looking forward to getting the box.  If anyone feels the need to cheer me up I like chocolate and fiber 🙂  Ok back to trying to write my curatorial essay that is due on Tuesday.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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And the Winner is……

Me! I won one of the weekly draws from Phat Fiber.  If you haven’t gone to check out their site yet, what are you waiting for GO GO GO. I am really excited and it is my first time winning and internet contest, so yay me. I managed to snag the 4 skiens of handspun egyptian cotton donated by the lovely Sheeps of Egypitan Cotton.  You should totally check her stuff out, amazing colors and dudes it is HANDSPUN. I wish I could spin that consistent. I haven’t tried cotton yet, but from I gather it takes some mad skills so this yarn should be awesome. You can see a picture of the color way I won  here .  I think Phat Fiber is now my favoritist blog site ever. They always seem to have give aways and great reviews of fiber goodies so make sure to add them to your blog feed.

In other news some progress has made on my mystery illness. I saw a new doctor on Monday who has scheduled me for a larcoscophy  for the 10th and is trying to get me in for an MRI and a Bone Scan, so hopefully we will find out what is wrong with me in the near future. Or at least by the end of March.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday the 13th.

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Links you might all enjoy

So I am still feeling sick and down so I have been doing some blog searching lately and I came across a great site that I just wanted to share. It is the Phat Fiber Sample Box–  from what I have been reading it looks like a great opportunity to get some amazing samples of all things fibery from some new and exciting small indie fiber shops. From what I have seen of the January box, the February should be a great treat. I am really excited to find this site and am counting down the days until I can put in an order for February one. I hope I get one.

There is also a Phat Fiber Blog –  where you can find info on what will be in the boxes, see some amazing fibery goodies, find out about amazing etsy fiber shops that will empty your wallet but keep you happily spinning for the months ahead.  They also have great contests available, with give aways from some of the great fiber stores that are offering samples for the Phat fiber box. You can find links to the contests here:

I also found a link to this great seller. Extreme Spinner, who has some great looking fiber goodies up in her etsy store. I especially like her new valentine blend batt, it looks so yummy you could eat it.

I will be posting more exciting links when I find them. Since I have been sick I have been surfing the blog-a-verse more and wow are there some great sites out there.   Cheers everyone, and happy spinning.

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Won’t somebody buy me a mercedes benz…

Well I don’t really need a Mercedes Benz, what I need is a swift. And not a swift kick, if that was what you were thinking. Nope I need a swift. Doesn’t need to be fancy, I just need a swift. Anyone selling one, anyone have one lying around that they want to part with….. Well it was worth a shot. I think I am going to make one of the basic table top ones like this one. It seems pretty easy to make and will much better then my method of choice now, which is the chair method. That or I have to wait until I am at the Purple Purl and  use theirs. Which while they are conveniently located to my house, makes feel a little ashamed about winding wool that I didn’t buy from them. So I need a swift.

The reason for a swift is for the hand spun I have been making and also for the new stash enhancement I got yesterday. Here are some picks of the new lovelies.

New Stash goodies

More stash

Handpainted lovelies

There is some lovely hand painted thick and thin goodies, a small 2.6 oz skein of silk that I have already painted up and is cooling downstairs. A large skein of what I think is a silk blend, 5 silk crepe scarves that I am not sure what to do with yet; either dyeing or maybe some felting, as well as two mystery skeins of a shiny lace weight in red and gold and one in the dark blue/green color that I wound up. Oh and my sit and spin DVD which I haven’t watched yet but am really looking forward to.

Did you notice the spoon sticking out of the green stuff. That is right I painstakingly wound my ball onto a spoon handle, using the ol chair swift method and the damn spoon handle is stuck. It will not come out. I checked before I starting winding to make sure there were no splinters or anything for the stuff to get caught on and it happened anyway. Oh well.  There is SO MUCH yardage in those skeins. WOW. I think I wound for about 3 hours or more in total to get that ball.  Hmmm maybe I need a ball winder too. I got all those goodies (except for the dvd) at the Nanopod destash  event yesterday. Apparently not as much stuff as the last one, but I missed the last one so I was happy with what I got yesterday. Who can turn up yarn at $2.00 and $5.00 a ball/skein. NO ONE!

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Pain update and girl stuff possibly TMI

So I am still in pain. Today I am in a lot of pain in fact. So much so that all I want to do is curl into a ball and cry. I was pretty excited the other day. I went to the urologist and he told me that they had missed something on CT scan. That there was a calcification and that maybe that might be what was causing the pain. He did tell me that if it was inside the kidney then it was normal and that wouldn’t be it, but if it were outside then that might be causing the pain. Apparently they had just looked at the scan front on and said it was fine. He showed me that when you rotate it and do something else on the computer you can clearly see there is a spot that is a calcification. I guess in emergency they are so busy that they don’t spend enough time examining the scans. We scheduled a retrograde scan which involves putting a tube with a camera into a very tiny hole. I did get to see what my bladder and kidney look like from inside. Very thrilling. Of course the results are that the thing is inside the kidney and NOT causing my pain. He mentioned that I should talk to my doctor about getting some gynecological work done.

Back in the beginning of all this pain my doctor mentioned Endometriosis but he also said he didn’t think that was what I had. When I was last in emergency they mentioned it again and asked if I had had tests done. I said I had pelvic ultrasounds done and they showed nothing. Now that I know the hospital missed something on the CT scan I am wondering if maybe they didn’t notice any scar tissue or cysts or whatever the endometriosis things look like. Especially since they were looking for kidney things. I also remember that they asked if I had unusual periods and I said no. This is one of the major symptoms of the disease. After reading about it all morning though it turns out that it can first be seen in young adolescents that have heavy unusual periods and they are often prescribed birth control to control the pain and the periods. Now I remember when I was younger I had the worse periods every. I would miss school, I would have to stay in bed, I would have ones that lasted for two weeks or more. I finally realized that this seemed wrong and told my doctor who put me on birth control. I have been on the pill for the last 17 years or so. Now I am reading that since the pill can control the pain the disease often goes ignored until the late 20s or 30s when the women may suddenly experience sever pelvic pain. I have been on support groups and medical sites all morning and most of what these women are describing are what I am feeling. Extreme pain that can come and go in waves, a sharp stabbing pain in the pelvic area like some is twisting a knife into your groin, and pain in the lower back kidney area. So today I am heading back to my doctor for the 5th visit in two weeks to ask about getting tested for this.

One of the other know symptoms is pain during sex. Well we haven’t been very active in that department as of late, but now that I think about, yes I have had pain in the past. I just figured it was from lack of lube or just not that excited and it usually passed in a few minutes. Sometimes I would hurt the next day, but again I just figured that was normal. So now all these things are coming together in my head and I think this is the most likely thing that I have. Apparently most doctors will wait and rule everything else out first before testing for this because if you don’t have all the symptoms they usually have to do a surgical procedure where they go in with a scope to see if there is any abnormal tissue. We have ruled out Crohns, IBS, IBD, Colon Obstructions and now after having the retrograde thingy we know there is nothing wrong with my bladder or kidneys. So hopefully we can get to work testing for a pelvic issue.

In other news the strike is now over, as we have been legislated back to work. While I am excited to be going back I am a little nervous too. I was hoping to have this pain thing figured out before going back, as sometimes the pain is so sever that I double over in pain crying before I realize it. So hopefully we can it sorted out quickly. My two professors already know about the pain since I was suffering from it in September. Well I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens. Here is hoping that maybe this is it. I keep getting excited that there maybe something wrong with me only because it would make me feel better to have a reason for the pain. Have extreme pain, with no real cause is scary and has clouded my brain for the last few weeks. It is all I think about and the pain sometimes causes me to just lie around and do nothing. I am depressed and tired all the time. Luckily fatigue is a symptom of Endometriosis and often women who suffer from it have depression before it is diagnosed because of the pain and tiredness. Lets keep our fingers crossed that there is something wrong with me.

PS. I promise a craft post next, with pictures even. I have the lovely poppy scarf that needs to be shown and some other goodies.

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