Its been awhile

Ok I have been meaning to post but I just haven’t been in the mood. Sorry. I had my laparoscopic scan done on tuesday and I am still a little tired and sore from the procedure. I am supposed to hear from doctor today about results so here’s hoping she found something. My side and lower right groin area still hurt though. I want to call now but figured I should give the doctor a chance to call me.  Other then that, not much new.  I have a ton of school reading I need to get done and no time to knit, spin or crochet right now, which sucks cause that is what I want to do.

I did get a lovely new book from the lovely Amy from Knitty.  It is the French Girl Knits book and it is lovely. I did a review for it in the new Knitty so go check it out. Lots of lovely patterns in the new issue and lots of neat books and goodies in the review section. I am also intrigued by the KnittySpin section that talks about spinning coffee filters, but I am not that insane.

Damn my side is really hurting now.  I so hope the doctor has some good news. If they haven’t found anything on the bone scan or from this scan then the next course of action is the MRI which isn’t happening until May because they are all booked. Which sucks.  I think I need another Tylenol 3 and some ice cream. I have wanted ice cream for days. They put a tube down your throat to help you breath and since I have had a sore throat and a cough already it only made it worse, and my throat is all sore and scratchy still. Maybe I will walk to the seven elven and get me some ice cream.

Ok right Phat Fiber blog has another contest. There are contests all week every day a new one, and the draw ill be tomorrow so go enter for  your chance to win. I won last time and maybe I’ll win again. I could use some more good mail. I know I haven’t posted my Feb box yet or my winnings, but honestly I haven’t done much other then sit on my couch for days.   Maybe if I feel  up to it later I might try and take some photos of stuff. Cheers everyone and happy March.


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One Response to Its been awhile

  1. Em says:

    I really hope they get to the bottom of your mystery illness! Hope you’re gotten some ice cream by now too (maybe someone from the Purl would get you some from Film Buff?)

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