I finally feel like a home owner

I have lived in many houses and apartments over the last 14 years of living with Simon, and never have we painted or done any actual ‘work’ to a place. We always talked about painting and then Simon would say well we are only here for a little bit and so we leave the walls the boring way they came. Three years we bought a house and finally I thought we could paint or do something to it. Well Simon needed to start work right away and so we just moved into the house with the understanding that we would paint and renovate later. This weekend we finally did some renovating. We tore up the upstairs second floor carpet. Yay. The carpet the previous owners put down was this stupid expensive ‘natural’ fiber crap carpet that you can’t clean. Water would stain the damn floor. I have hated it from the moment we moved in. After we got the second dog, Henry decided that peeing on it in the middle of the night was a great idea, so the carpet as of late was ugly and pee stained.

Simon’s parents happened to be in Toronto this past week and a half and so for the last three days we have been removing carpet and tightening up the floor boards and now we have nice hardwood. It is a nice oak floor and in great condition. We will have to replace the hallway in the next year or two but it will take a week and we need to go to Strathford to get the wood. They are one of the few places left that sells the vintage looking wood flooring, so it will be a bit of a job. I am just happy that there is no more ugly pee stained carpet in my house. Well we still have the carpet on the third floor that is our bedroom area so it is much nice condition. Simon hasn’t dropped an entire cup of tea up there either.

The next project will be painting. We are planning on doing the second floor tv room and also the kitchen and possibly the bathroom on the second floor. I picked up a ton of paint chips the other day and after talking to a guy about my cupboards it sounds like we might be able to paint them. They are white and made out of that fake wood stuff, so painting them would be great. Maybe I’ll post some of the colors and see what the public thinks. I could use some help in deciding colors.

Ok pictures of the new floor to come soon. Cheers


About Krista

Pixiefashions is one woman and a bunch of sewing machines trying to take over the world....we make alternative fashions for your hair and home :) A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll with a good helping of horror thrown in for fun.
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One Response to I finally feel like a home owner

  1. Aspasia says:

    Don’t feel too bad–it’s taking us forever to get any painting done too (hell–we’ve only just started hanging pictures on the walls). Looks like we are going to pick up some paint and chips this weekend, though!

    Any interest in making a day of it when you go to Stratford?

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