Now with pictures….

Ok I promised some actual photo evidence that I haven’t just been sitting on my ass  doing absolutely noting during the strike, so today I shall present evidence of all of my accomplishments. Wow what a long stupid sentence, see what happens when you cancel classes because of a strike, out brain goes to mush. Maybe I should write a letter to the admin at York that says I need school back because “I need classes to learn and for smart making thinking” yes that might work.  In strike news we are voting on our forced ratification vote on Monday and Tuesday. This is where the University asks the government to step in and make us vote on the last offer they made even though we think it is crap. I really want the strike to be over, but the back to work protocol we are voting on for our Unit is crap.  Cupe has 3 units, Unit 1 which I think are the TAs, Unit 2 which is contract faculty and Unit 3 which are GAs.  I fall into the last one having just started my Masters. So with the back to work thing, the first two Units are guaranteed 90% of their salary back pay.  Our Unit is not guaranteed that and apparently will only get our back pay if we finish all of our assignments that were assigned before the strike. So I think that means that unlike the Undergrads who will have their term condensed we  have to finish all our work in order to recieve any money. That and the Unit 1s get a 6 month paid extension on their program to help them incase they need to finish because of the  strike. Unit 3 only get a two month unpaid extension and only if we prove that the strike disrupted our school work. So UNFAIR, that the fact that the bargaining team took off most of the Unit 3 demands right before this offer, is making me hate unions right now. Of course I will still go vote because I want a better back to work protocol then that.

So that is the strike news… In medical news I was back at the Emergency room the other day where the nice doctor agreed that there was obviously something wrong with me but that without any obvious evidence, once again nothing in my blood or urine tests, that he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I did go back to see my doctor and have some antibiotics to try just in case I have an internal infection in something that isn’t showing up because this can happen, and also some new pain killers that do not cause me to pass out for 5 hours and vomit endlessly. So that is some progress. Also during my doctor visit we discovered that I have an extremely painful spot on my hip bone, so I was sent for an x-ray yesterday. I also have an appointment set up with the urologist finally so hopefully something will show up. The good news is that it is probably nothing too serious because that would show up in blood tests.

Ok enough talk about strikes and mystery illnesses, lets see some yarn porn.  First I present to you my first attempt at Novelty Yarn. I am waiting for my Sit and Spin dvd from Insubordinknit to arrive but in the mean time I have the Plucky Fluff book  Intertwined.

So here is my little neck warmer. I used a core thread and just started adding other roving to it. There is merino, mohair locks, some strange silk stuff and whatever else I had handy.

hand spun neck warmer

It is a little strange but I like it. Sorry the photo is so dark. Here is a close up of the yarn.
close up of novelty yarn

See the mohair locks. I think I love mohair locks. I have a small bag that I bought at the Winter Fair last year. I just started to dye some as you can see below. I think I will have to try and find some more plain though. Anyone know a  good source for inexpensive mohair locks?

kool aid colored mohair locks

I was experimenting dyeing different fibers the other day and the mohair worked the best. Look how vibrant they are. That is cheery kool aid, orange and the mystery blend which always seems to be some shade of green. I love them though. I really want to dye more.

Now you can see what happens when you try and dye silk using the same dyes.
the fruits of my dyeing

There is some mystery fleece, tussah silk noils, silk hankies and the mohair locks. The silk hankies didn’t do too bad, but the noils really didn’t absorb much dye. I think I am going to go to the dye shop on Dundas and get some real acid dyes and try again with those. I wanted really vibrant colors to try and mix into some yarns.
silk hankies

The hankies look pretty good. But the noils.
Tussah Silk Noils
These are more like the real colors, the photo up top was brightened and they are not quite that bright. Sorta in between the two.

In other crafty news remember the silk I got in a swap, common I know you do. Here it is in its unspun form.

And here it is all spun up. This a two ply I think a fingering weight, kinda between a lace weight and a sock yarn. There are aprox 145 yards.
two ply hand dyed tussah silk

See how pretty it is. I set this in the normal bath method, but next time I set silk I think I will steam set the twist,as it is supposed to keep the sheen better. This kinda dulled a little bit, which was disappointing but I still love it.

Whew, well since this is more then I have posted in along time, I will let you all absorb this before I post anymore. Off to take my little doggies out in the freezing cold. Its warmed up to -17 now instead of -28 so yay. Cheers.


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