Whew, where has the time gone?

Wow, I can’t believe it is almost the end of March. I sound like my Mom. “where is the time going?” I had meant to post more about my trip weeks ago, but alas I have been busy working at ye ol coffee shop, so I have been most tired as well. I am just not cut out for this working full time stuff. Or at least not cut out for this working full time at a job where I have to stand up for 8 hours day minus my 45 mins for breaks. Maybe if I had a real job, I wouldn’t mind it so much. So what has been happening…

we left Quebec right after the last big storm. I have some pictures of the previous storm there.

Tremblant Snow

If you squint you can make out more stuff in the distance, it is just covered by the snow.

More Snow

In this one you can’t even see the mountain. You can see a plow if you look hard enough, it is trying to shovel out where the ski hill is.

Another rare trip moment, was this one. I don’t think I need to explain.

Ninja Simon

I also tried to teach Simon’s Sister Sarah how to use a drop spindle. She wasn’t very impressed with the dropping part so she decided to just spin it on her leg. It did work out well and she managed to make two spindles full of yarn which she then knit into a small little card holder. I only have a photo of the yarn in progress.

Sarah's hand spun

She enjoyed spinning a lot and so with the help of the lovely Emily I gave her a spindle and some fiber for her birthday so she can spin when ever she feels like it. I also completed Simon’s mother mittens finally. They were meant for a xmas present, then became a birthday present and finally ended up as a skiing present. Unfortunately even though I had a camera near me at all times, I neglected to actually take a picture of said mittens. Anyone who has been the Purple Purl in the last month or so would have seen me knitting on them and I can assure you they were quite nice.

In other knitting news, there isn’t much on the home front. I have cast on for a sweater, but since I have only knit 6 rows I am not dignifying it with a photo. Maybe once I have decided that myself and said sweater are friends then I will post a photo, for now let me say me and the sweater are not sure of our relationship yet. I also have a one row scarf in progress but no pictures of it since it is down stairs and I am lazy. I also need to cast on a sock so I can take part in the Yarn Harlot’s Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt.   Is it wrong that I am thinking of trying to get Tuesday off so I can go get more photos taken of my sock. I know I can get a few if I work on Tuesday, but I know I can get so many more if I have the day off.

Well I have two tiny terriers staring at me like I am a giant sausage, not sure what they want, but that is the look they are giving me, so maybe some tiny dogs need to go pee. Hope everybody had a great easter and happy Sock hunting.


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