How do we stand while the worlds still turning…

Ok I don’t think those are the right lyrics but I have Midnight’s Oil Beds are Burning in my head, because while I sit here and type it feels like I am spinning. Ugh. Not a bad sensation just weird. This often happens when I have been skiing and am up in the Mountains. I am taking today off, the last day of our trip, because I hurt. I know not really an excuse. I should be out there with everyone else but yesterday I tried snowboarding for the first time. And while I only did it for the morning, I did ski in the afternoon, and thus used every muscle in my body and now they all hurt. Especially my neck since I wretched it falling. Snowboarding was fun. I definitly want to try it again maybe at Blue Mountain or one of the smaller Ontario hills, if we can find a place that rents. Myself, Simon and Sarah, rented boards yesterday and headed up the bunny hill at 8:15 in the morning to try our hand at snow surfing (as I like to call it). They have both done it before and Simon was rocketing on the board by the afternoon. It turns out I can get snowboarding much faster then I can skiing. I was going down the hill without too much trouble or falling in the beginning, but then other kids started showing up and I didn’t have the fine control to not hit people, so I had to keep falling to stop if anyone got in my way. So after a few hours of that we decided that we should hit the hills, but since I hadn’t really figured out turning the opposite way that I should go back to skis and leave the board for another day. I will certainly try it again, and when I figure out how to turn so I am facing the hill and can slow down better, I think I will do fine at it. I managed to get down the bunny hill going quite fast and did this spinning thing at the end to stop, that impressed Simon and Sarah to no end. Apparently I did better then did my first time out without a lesson, but then I have pretty good balance and the basics of snowboarding are easier to figure out then skiing. Just point your body the way you want to go down hill and dig your back edge in and go slow. If you go to fast try and turn the other way to slow down while digging in the back edge. Simple and yet easy to fall over.

In other news I have an interview with OCAD about grad school, so yay. Not in yet, but on my way. Ok off to deliver skis to Simon’s sister. Cheers đŸ™‚


About Krista

Pixiefashions is one woman and a bunch of sewing machines trying to take over the world....we make alternative fashions for your hair and home :) A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll with a good helping of horror thrown in for fun.
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2 Responses to How do we stand while the worlds still turning…

  1. Em says:

    Hooray for the grad school interview!

  2. Jennifer says:

    sorry about being in pain. The falling down is probably why I am nervous about taking up skiing..I know, am a wimp…maybe some day.

    Grad school interview …woot. way to go. you will rock it!

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