Does anybody read this?

So this is an honest question, does anybody read this? I mean am I just talking to myself here or more importantly writing to myself, which in my mind seems a little creepy. So if you do read this, or at lest drop by to bore yourself please comment so I know I am just not writing to myself. Thanks.

And now back to our feature presentation….


What’s that your wondering….well it is amazing hand painted Silk from the lovely Miss Kim, my secret Santa. The silk is made by the Silk Worker and it is gorgeous. I am spinning it up on the lovely new drop spindle that was also included in my swap package. I was beginning to think it had gotten lost in the mail, and was pretty down and then it came. It was lovely, there was great tote bag, some yummy fudge truffles, a pack of cocoa, the spindle, some pretty stitch markers and the silk. I will post some pics of the silk being spun, but right now my camera is out of batteries and I need to charge them. Here are some more pics of the swap goodies though.

The goodies and the bag below.


Another of the silk. Isn’t it great 🙂

Of course with all this amazing fiber, I am being spoiled and don’t want to go back to spinning itch llama blend, but I will, because I love spinning. I am trying to set myself some spinning challenges. I am getting pretty good at lace weight. I am spinning the silk on the drop spindle and then plan on plying it on the wheel. Yay. There should be enough for a scarf or a very small shawl. In spinning related pictures here is some of the bizarre mystery fiber that I got a while back. I tried spinning fat and thin and it isn’t too bad, it is definitely of the novelty yarn variety so I need to continue practicing.


I think I shall check out the library and see what spinning books they have. I really enjoying the spinning, and have been neglecting the mother in law mittens so that I can spin. Speaking of spinning I have some fiber that is just waiting to be added to the spool already sitting on the wheel, so away I go. Cheers.


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2 Responses to Does anybody read this?

  1. Em says:

    I read it! And am still most envious of that silk — it’s lovely!

  2. dulcedomum1 says:

    I read too! …and I am definitely inspired to have a go at spinning silk…like a big, fat spider!!!

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