Stash and life Updates

So the new dog is settling in nicely. Him and Hector are still sorting some things out and maybe if Hector wasn’t such a push over he would be able to play with his toys without Henry stealing them out from under him. Of course Henry is sorta a jerk, and I think just likes to take Hector’s toys because he can, not because he actually wants them. I did get some cute pictures of them sitting together outside last week.

Who Me?

and this one

Cute Puppies

In life news we are getting a new car. The old car aka Xander is 12 years old and while still useful, did break down last week and therefore we decided that instead of putting more money in and hoping that he continues to run for a few years, we decided to trade him in on a new model since he is actually still worth something. I wish you could trade in older models of other things for new ones 🙂 So this week, we shall be the proud owners of a brand new Toyota Matrix in Black. Woo hoo. We are pretty excited. We haven’t owned a new car before so this will be our first and will hopefully last as long as Xander. Of course we shall miss Xander (aka our 1995 Toyota Camry Wagon), he has traveled far and wide with us. He has driven a bunch of SCAdians all over Ontario, he has driven us to Montreal, to Northern Quebec, to Boston, Salem, Ohio, DC, the list goes on. He has been a faithful old car and I hope he gets sold to some nice couple who want to keep him and drive him for a few more years.

In knitting news, I know this is supposed to be a craft/knitting blog, I am almost finished the second of my Pirate Mittens. The pattern is from Hello Yarn and I am using some hot pink Merino blend that I got from my Secret Pal and some black Mission falls from the Purl. They are a little uneven but they are my first color work, so not too bad. I am also working on a set for Simon’s mom, but they are in my own pattern work. I will post a picture when there is more then just ribbing showing. Not the best picture, but still it is knitting.

pirate mitten

I also just got some stash enhancement in the mail. It is called a good stuff batt in color way My Sexy Valentine and is a blend of all kinds of awesome fibers. It came from my favorite etsy store Copper Pot Woolies this store has great stuff.

amazing roving

My Sexy Valentine

It has all my favorite colors in it: red, silver, black, grey, white, it is so shinny and soft and I can’t wait to spin it up. Of course I am not sure what to spin it as. Should it be singles, lace weight, thick and thin? I have been practicing spinning lace weight and I have a few ideas for shawls and the such that I would like to make. There is 5.1 oz here so that should be lots to get a nice little shawl. Of course that is if I spin it correctly.

Of course not that I have this in my greedy little hands, I want more, more more. Of course with buying the car, I can’t really spend money, but I if I use my paypal account, it is sorta like free money so go to my etsy store and buy stuff so I can buy more roving. I will be updating it with more stuff in the next few days. Ok must go keep an eye on the terrors. To end here is my favorite clip from Kids in the Hall.

Cheers everyone 🙂 Go Terriers


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