Catching Up

Whew, where has the time gone. I can’t believe it is December 1 already. Ok so now be warned this will be a fairly long post, so if you would just like to scroll down and see pictures, feel free, I won’t hold it against you. If you feel like reading then please by all means pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on…..So in the medical front I am all better. It took about a week for me to finally stop hurting, but now I am pain free, and finally off my antibiotics so I can drink/eat things with calcium again yay. You don’t know how hard it was not having my morning mocha at work. I can also exercise again, not that I have yet, but I can and that is all that matters.

In other news I had my birthday party and it was much fun. It was my first birthday party in about 6 years or more, so it was nice to finally have something that was for me. I usually throw Simon a birthday party most every year, but his birthday is in June, when the weather is nice and people are ready to party. Mine usually coincides with exams when I was a student or colds, or me just being sick. I think this was one of the few years when I also wasn’t sick on my birthday (the kidney pain had stopped the day before) so it was nice to do something and have people over. The theme for the evening was your favorite Undead but it was interpreted by people differently but that was ok. We had Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, a Vanhesling and the Princess, the recently departed and the untimely dead, a corporate zombie, a working stiff, zombie Shakespeare, Virgina Wolf, God (if god were dead),Bubba Ho Tep, A dead bunny (bunnicula), and I was a zombie bride again, since my new costume just wasn’t working out. I made lots of food and people gave me presents including the now famous chicken tea cozy

Here are some pictures for those of you just looking for the eye candy.
My birthday party

Van Helsing, Zombie Shakespear and Virgina Wolf

The above is the party guests hanging out. I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures, sorry everyone. But you kinda get the idea.


Here is myself and Sarah (Simon’s Sister) showing off how hot we are while still being dead 🙂


A very unflattering picture of me and the chicken cozy. I think I will name him Mister Reginald Feather Bottom the third. It seems appropriate. I also got some other cool gifts beside the chicken. Jessica who came as God if god where dead, gave a lovely hand painted stash box for keeping my dastardly evil goods in, and I got some new Lush bath products, lots of wine, a bottle of port, a gift certificate to the Purple Purl and some money for hand carders. I also got birthday money from my Mom which was spent at the Purl as soon as it opened. Damn stupid good yarn store being less then ten minutes from my house.

In knitting news I have been making lots of stuff. I have a nice F.O.


This is my birthday scarf. I used my Mom’s b-day money to buy a fiddlesticks scarf kit (not pictured) and a skein of lovely collinet 100% Silk which I used to make this. It is a short scarf in the feather and fan pattern and was stupid easy to knit up and is a great as a head band. I love it.

This is some old hand spun that I made out of 100% merino, but I just wound it up in a nice little ball and it looks all new now, so here is a picture.

This is the new fiber I just ordered from Copperpot on etsy and I love it. It is a merino/ tensile blend and it is spinning up really nicely. I don’t know if I should ply it up or just leave it as fingering weight singles and make a nice shawl or something out of it. I have lots more to spin up.

This is the alpaca with silk threads that I got at the Purl. It only made a tiny ball but it a lovely super soft ball so I shall love and stroke it and eventually knit it into a head scarf for me.

And finally some lovely angora bunny that I bought at the purl with my gift certificate. I bought this and a needle felting kit which I haven’t tried yet, but which I am looking forward to because I have been wanting to try it for a bit, and I figured why not get one since I had the free money 🙂 The bunny I am going to use with some blue merino wool that I have in my sewing room and together they will be some even lovelier mittens.


Wow that is more then I have written in a bit. I am also plying up some llama and lamb blend roving that I bought off etsy a while ago. It is spinning up nicely but it is a little scratchy, so I am not sure what I will use it for in the end. I also ran into some technical plying difficulties last night. There we were sitting in the tv room, Simon working on the couch me sitting happily with the spinning wheel watching Saw on IFC, when all of a sudden everything went wrong. I had finished working on the red for a bit and decided that I should ply up the two bobbins of llama blend so that I could spin a different fiber. I got the lazy kate out, got all set up and started to happily ply while watching the movie. I did think at one point, hmm this doesn’t seem to be working, but I kept going. At one point I stopped and said wow I must have really over spun these singles they are just not behaving at all, can you guess where this is going. I continue to trudge on, cursing under my breath at the stupid llama, and wondering what the hell is wrong, when Simon finally points out “hey aren’t you supposed to spin the opposite way when you play”. DO’H! There I was happily no plying but instead making a giant pile of yarn crap. Of course it now kinda looks like doll hair, so I think I shall put the spoiled yarn into a bag and keep it for future craft projects, and luckily it wasn’t that much yarn that got wasted, but I was so happy that I had two completely full bobbins that I was going to ply, and I thought, oh what a lovely large pile of yarn I shall I have. Not I have a slightly less large pile of yarn, and I still have to finish plying. I was getting tired last night so I gave up and put everything aside.  I think I shall go finish it so I can have my bobbins free again.

Oh right before I sign off, my lovely swap pattern who I enjoyed shopping for is organizing her own swap  The Hot Cocoa Swap. The link is here   , if you check it out and tell her I sent you I can get more entries into the Spread the Word Contest. So go check her blog out and if you are interested in the swap tell her Krista (rebelhousewives) sent you.  Cheers everyone, I am off to continue to spin and to go xmas shopping.


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One Response to Catching Up

  1. Em says:

    That’s quite the long post! I love the photo of you and Sarah.

    Too bad about the plying, but I’m sure you can save the singles by running them through the wheel again

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