The Postman Cometh…..

We were out camping this past weekend and a great time was had by all, but what was even better, was when I returned home to find two packages waiting for me. Of course I was a little pissed at the mail man for leaving them outside for three days but luckily our house is in a fairly nice neighborhood so my packages were waiting to greet me.I am sure you are dying to know what was in them so here we go….

the first was my secret pal 11 box woo hoo.

Secret Pal box 1

what's inside?

Secret Pal box of goodies


Ok so here was what was in the box, a lovely sock monkey kit ( I love sock monkeys), a monkey soap, a pretty blank journal, two balls of hot pink merino blend wool (I am thinking of adding some black and making arm warmers), two balls of a mystery yarn, a giant crochet hook, a sticky pad shaped like a K, some bath confetti, and some assorted tea bags (of which the coca spice was a big hit). Thank you so much secret pal you rock 🙂

And in the other box was the fiber I ordered off etsy from a great seller called Kareninthewoods who not only sent me some excellent priced fiber but also put in a ton of extras. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants some great reasonably priced roving. So here is what came in the box…

box of fiber goodies

extra goodies for spinning

The top picture is what I paid for. 30 oz of assorted llama and sheep blend roving and the second picture is the extras. There is merino dyed, alpaca, angora goat, golden retriever, mohair locks, plain sheep, linen, some glittery fibers to mix in when spinning,  and some plain merino sheep. All in all lots of exciting fibers to try spinning. Thanks so much Kareninthewoods, you rock.

It was a very exciting evening opening my boxes and seeing what was inside. Simon liked that he got to try new tea and he was pretty impressed with the sock monkey kit and all the neat fibers that came in my fiber box. So thank you secret pal and thanks Karen for making my day.


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Pixiefashions is one woman and a bunch of sewing machines trying to take over the world....we make alternative fashions for your hair and home :) A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll with a good helping of horror thrown in for fun.
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One Response to The Postman Cometh…..

  1. Em says:

    What a great haul! Your secret pal seems to really know how to spoil you, and those rovings — as well as the many samplers — look like such fun to spin! Don’t you just love getting good mail?

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