Of spiders and spinning

So I have been playing my wheel a bit since I got it and it is still most fun. Today we were greeted this morning with a very cool site. This huge spider decided to build a web on the front of our patio. I was drinking my morning coffee when I looked up and spotted him working hard at spinning. The sun was directly behind him(or her I guess) and he was just working in from the edge. He about 3 inches of exterior web built and you could watch as he drew up a side piece and then expanded out. Myself and Simon watched him for about 15 minutes before we decided that hey that would make an amazing photo. So off I went to quickly get dressed, put the battery pack back in the camera and run downstairs so I could get the shot. Sadly the sun had already moved and I missed my window of opportunity but I did manage to get a shot through the window before I headed outside. It isn’t great because of the glare from the glass but you can sorta see the web spinning in action. I am going to try and get a shot tomorrow of the full web.

Wilbur the spider busy at work

Isn’t that cool? Well I thought it was exciting and I don’t even like spiders much. So taking a que from Mister spider whom I have decided to name Wilbur ( I figured Charlotte was too cliche besides I am sure he is a boy) I decided to sit on my front porch and spin too.

So I took down the wheel and grabbed what I thought was my Alpacacoop which is what I had been spinning, but instead it turned out to be the Icelandic Top that was lying next to the other bag. You think I would notice the difference, one is a brown/white color mix and the other is dark grey/silver, and yet….

alpacacoop meets icelandic

and a close up…

I can see the difference can you

Apparently I was so engrossed with the spinning that I never realized that I was spinning a different color or using a completely different fiber until I reached in to grab more roving and thought, hmmm this alpaca stuff seems less dirty today, and also more greasy and hmmm kinda grey looking. DUH! oh well I was planning on plying this anyway, so a small patch in the middle of grey Icelandic shouldn’t be that noticeable. The Icelandic top is however, very nice to spin, and much less dirty and full of twigs and veggie matter then the alpaca mix. I shall look forward to spinning with it.

And just because he is cute…

Who doesn’t like pictures of doggies. Hector looking most regal while hanging out on the front porch.

Oh in knitting news, I just turned heel on my second monkey sock so hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have the sock mostly finished. Yay. Then I  can try and knit more socks, in new patterns.  Cheers 🙂


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