Guess what followed me home..

So Wednesday I went to knit night, with a heavy heart. I had to bring back the Ashford Joy spinning wheel that I had rented. In the last two weeks I spent most of my free time spinning, on that thing, and by the end I was getting pretty good at it. Not as good as most of my friends (Emily I am looking at you) but not bad. So I packed it up and got it ready to go back to the store, and Simon said “you know mountain biking is a hobby, and I just bought a new mountain bike, and spinning is a hobby, so you can buy a spinning wheel.” So I though oh no, I couldn’t do that. So I went to knit night by myself and ended up chatting most of the night about spinning wheels and trying out the Ashford kiwi and watching the lendrum double treadle in action. I soon found out that most spinning divas, have several wheels, but that the lendrum seems to be the most popular. So I went home did some research and found out that yes that is a pretty sweet wheel. I had to go downtown on Thursday to do some secret shopping at a friends store and then I decided I would call Romni Wools and ask if they carried this wheel. Big mistake. Of course they replied, but that they usually have a 6-8 month waiting list. Of course then Johnathan tells me that they still have two not claimed yet, because they came in early and not everyone on the list was ready to buy one yet, so I headed over and came home with a rather large box and some new roving. I was able to convince him to give me a deal on the roving, woo hoo.

My camera battery is dead and in need of recharging but you can see the wheel here


It also came with the tensioned lazy kate and three extra bobbins. This wheel is really easy to spin on and already I am spinning at a more even rate then previously. I also like the fact that you have to sit up straight in order to use it. I was really slouching when using the joy and it certainly affected my back.

Now I just need to find some good places to get cheap roving, and maybe some more exotic fibers. Dennie did tell me about the fleece auction at the Royal Agricultural Fair that happens in September, so maybe I can get a fleece, or half a fleece if anyone wants to share. Ok back to my spinning πŸ™‚


About Krista

Pixiefashions is one woman and a bunch of sewing machines trying to take over the world....we make alternative fashions for your hair and home :) A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll with a good helping of horror thrown in for fun.
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3 Responses to Guess what followed me home..

  1. Kelly says:

    Congrats on your new baby! πŸ™‚ May much spinny-goodness ensue!

    PS – Hobby? Hobby? Drat, I thought this was a *lifestyle*!

  2. Em says:

    So very jealous, but also very happy for you! Spinning is definitely ‘viral’, and I’m glad I passed the bug on to you! Happy spinning!!

    p.s. Fleece auction?? Oh dear….

  3. You can of course come over when ever you like and use the thing or I can always lend it to you for a bit πŸ™‚ I am willing to share. It is great I love being able to sit on my front porch and spin. Yesterday I gave the neighbors a demo and explained what I was doing. Oh the fun.

    Yes fleece auction. It happens at the Royal Fair on November 11 at Ex. Wanna go in on a fleece? Apparently you bid on fleeces, it sounds like fun.

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