Finally a spinning post

So I have just been having so much fun with the spinning wheel that I have been too busy to post here. Tomorrow alas I have to return it, but I am seriously considering how I can my hands on one just for me. I love the lettuce knit rent to own system they have set up. I think I will ask how much the Ashford Joy model costs tomorrow night, and maybe I might see what other wheels they have for rent so I make sure I get the right one. Then I can make a serious considered purchase.

So here are some pictures of the wheel and some spinning ….


and another with a dog…


and with wool…


I have been using the wheel to spin up the mystery fiber that I bought at the value village. I think it is the leftovers from knitting machines and the fluff that comes out of industrial sewing factories. Either way it was a $1.00 for a huge bag and it has offered me much spinning fun. I have spun it with the drop spindle and also with the machine and the machine is way easier. Here is what it looks like spun up on its own and also plied with the shetland I have been spinning.



Ok so that is enough for now. I am hungry and there is a pizza on the way. Cheers everyone  and see you at knit night 🙂


About Krista

Pixiefashions is one woman and a bunch of sewing machines trying to take over the world....we make alternative fashions for your hair and home :) A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll with a good helping of horror thrown in for fun.
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