RIP Tomatoes

This was going to be a FO post, since I finally finished the first Monkey sock, and yes I did immediately cast for the second one 🙂 But instead I shall mourn the passing of my tomato plants. This summer I decided that I would plant my veggies up on our third floor deck. I figured my veggies would be safe up there from the horrible cut worms that destroyed all the ones that were planted in the garden last year. Well little did I know that the squirrels and the raccoons were going to totally trash the place. In the beginning I had tomatoes, lots of nice little green tomatoes and eventually they grew up and became yummy ripe tomatoes.

My Tomatoes

See how nice they looked, and they tasted great. Here are some pictures of the plants all happy and enjoying the sun.


A few days ago I found the one on the left all torn up and thought well thats alright, I still have two plants left, and lots of new tomatoes growing. Well today I just went up and there is nothing, but shredded tomato plants. I had been speaking to Anne next door and she said she covered her’s with chicken wire, and I just haven’t had a chance to get any yet, and now there are no more plants. To say I am mad is an understatement. I have been waiting for years to have a real garden and last year it was destroyed by squirrels and those bloody worms and now the raccoons and the squirrels have done my garden in. Of course I am not sure when this happened, because I was out there earlier with Hector and the place looked ok and now nothing.

I would take a picture and post it, but really it is too graphic for most. I mean there is green tomato carnage everywhere. It is like a bad horror movie, if it were a veggie tale horror movie. Hmm that might be a good idea, someone really should teach those Christian veggies a lesson or two. I mean it is really horrific up there. Worse then the bean carnage of few weeks ago, yes they also got my bean plants, but I wasn’t too broken up about them.  The beans tasted kinda yucky anyway, but my tomatoes, oh why lord, why, did you have to take them before their prime.

Well since I am so broken up I think I shall go clean up the mess before anything else happens up there. Oh and they stole my other hot pepper too.

I promise some knitting progress soon. I even have a stash cupboard now and some more pretty balls of yarn all ready to be knit up into something. Cheers.


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